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Ladder three ladders Taken collectively, these results counsel that LvRac1 is essential within the innate immune response of shrimp to V. alginolyticus infection. Serine protease inhibitors, together with Kunitz-type protease inhibitors play necessary roles not only in physiological process (i.e. blood clotting and fibrinolysis) but in addition in immune responses. On this research, we characterized a Kunitz-sort protease inhibitor, designated MjKuPI, from kuruma shrimp Marsupenaeus japonicus. In this study, the cDNA of FREP was recognized from the kuruma shrimp Marsupenaeus japonicus (MjFREP2). In this examine, a cDNA encoding a RAS GTPase (LvRac1) within the Pacific white shrimp (L. Injection of the bacterium V. alginolyticus into L. vannamei induced hepatopancreatic upregulation of LvRac1 expression. Suppressing LvRac1 also promoted the upregulation of Lvp53, LvCu/ZnSOD, and Lvgal following V. alginolyticus injection. The silencing of LvRac1 by double-stranded RNA injection thus increased the V. alginolyticus problem sensitivity of L. vannamei and weakened its bacterial clearance capacity in vivo. Moreover, knocking down LvRac1 in vivo significantly reduced the expression of the L. vannamei p53 and Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase genes (Lvp53 and LvCu/Zn SOD, respectively) while rising that of the galectin gene (Lvgal). What are good questions to ask a guy while enjoying the question game?