pickuptruckindubai.com – The modernization occurring now has many impacts on humans, including in the field of transportation. In this PPKn material, we will learn about transportation modernization, especially its positive impacts. Modernization is a process of changing something that is not yet advanced into something that is more advanced.

With modernization there will be improvements in various aspects of life in society. Apart from that, several experts such as Abdul Syam refer to modernization as a process of transformation into more advanced changes in various aspects of social life.

Therefore, modernization can occur in various fields from industry, agriculture, education, to transportation. Modernization can be identified from several characteristics, such as society starting to behave heterogeneously, traditional ties starting to loosen, and social mobility becoming higher. Even when modernization occurs, many people will start to think scientifically, you know. So what does modernization look like in the transportation sector? (source by https://www.losaztecasmxgrill.com/)

Transportation Modernization

As time advances, modernization also occurs in the field of transportation, including land, water and air transportation. Transportation is the transfer of people or goods from one place to another. Before modernization, transportation was very simple, namely by walking or riding animals.

However, with the discovery of the wheels of transportation began to change. Then as time progressed, machines began to be discovered so that means of transportation began to vary. These various changes in types of transportation have occurred due to modernization. Of course, from this explanation, modernization has had many positive impacts. So, what are the positive impacts of transportation modernization felt by humans?

Positive Impact of Transportation Modernization

– Facilitate the work

The modernization of vehicles will make people’s work easier, especially in the field of distributing goods. Apart from that, increasingly advanced means of transportation also make it easier for many people to travel for various purposes.

– Helping Transport Goods

Increasingly advanced transportation allows goods in large quantities to be sent to various places. Even shipping can be done via land, sea or air and maybe pick up food of your favorite dog .

– Make it easier for people to travel long distances

Increasingly advanced means of transportation mean that long distances are not a problem. For example, when you want to travel abroad, you can do it easily by plane.

– Shorten Visit Time

In the past, visiting distant areas took a lot of time, now with modern transportation, visiting times can be shorter. The existence of land, sea or air transportation with more sophisticated engines means that visits to even remote areas can be done easily.

– Create new jobs

The advancement of new means of transportation also has an impact on increasing the number of job opportunities. Of course, this is beneficial for society as a whole. So, that is an explanation of the various positive impacts of transportation modernization that is currently taking place.