Thousands of furious students from around Australia have signed a petition calling for bad credit loans guaranteed approval a change to the HECS debt indexation system.

University of Sydney student Nariman Dein called for her followers to sign a petition to Education Minister Jason Clare and no credit check loans compared her HECS debt to buying a house.

The current HECS program sees the amount students owe regularly adjusted in line with current living costs and wages.

Just last year HECS debts were hit loans with no credit check a 7.1 per cent increase, meaning students who owed $20,000 suddenly were due to pay back $21,420.

A petition started on March 14 has already been signed by more than 200,000 Australian students who want the indexation lowered.

They believe indexation is increasing faster than they can repay their HECS, so every year they end up further in debt despite making regular payments.

University of Sydney student Nariman Dein (pictured) urged her followers to sign a petition to change the HECS debt indexation system

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