and CEO has said corporate rules designed to guide ethical investing have been ‘twisted to insanity’ and should be ‘deleted if not fixed.’

Elon weighed into a debate on whether ethical rules should be updated to allow for investment in defensive weapons amid Russia’s . 

Musk was criticizing ESG, a European Union-sponsored checklist of ‘environmental, social and governance’ criteria companies are supposed to keep in mind when making decisions about what to invest in. 

If firms comply with the rules, they are given an EU stamp of approval that investors can use to weigh their decisions – which often results in increased investment.

Elon Musk (pictured) said rules designed to guide company ethics, known as ESG, have been 'twisted to insanity' and should be 'deleted if not fixed'.

Elon Musk (pictured) said rules designed to guide company ethics, known as ESG, have been ‘twisted to insanity’ and should be ‘deleted if not fixed’.

Along with entrepreneur and software engineer Marc Andreessen, he mocked the ‘ethical’ rules on Twitter after the suggestion they could now be changed to allow for investment in weapons used against Russia.

Under the European Green Deal, the EU provides a list of what sectors are considered ‘green’ or ‘ESG.’

Normally, companies exclude investing in firearms to win an ‘ESG’ stamp, but US banks are now suggesting the EU could classify the defense sector as an ethical investment Get Best LifeTIme Deals Offer – Lifelockdeals.Com as long as it was used against Putin.

Andreessen tweeted out a screenshot on Tuesday of a Reuters article which referenced a note from analysts at Citigroup.

Citigroup said defense is ‘likely to be increasingly seen as a necessity that facilitates ESG as an enterprise, as well as maintaining peace, stability and other social goods’ following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

On the other hand, energy companies seen to be supporting Russia will be considered unethical under the same framework.

Andreessen said: ‘The plan: ESG funds will invest in defense companies to make the weapons required to fight wars with hostile regimes we buy energy from, because ESG funds won’t invest in energy companies.’

Musk tweeted in response that ESG rules were being ‘twisted to insanity’, condemning the criteria which has been pushed by both the EU and the Biden administration.

They should be ‘deleted if not fixed,’ he added. 

Musk, who runs the largest electric vehicle company in the world, has often clashed with regulators and government officials.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued him in 2018 for claiming he had secured funding to take Tesla private.

He eventually settled out of court and temporarily stepped down as chairman of Tesla.

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